About the brand

DERMACUR is a synonym for professional dermal cosmetic products based on high concentrations of active agents.

The manufacturer of the professional dermal cosmetics of DERMACUR brand is the company Dermacur Laboratories. The seat of Dermacur Laboratories is the world-famous spa town Karlovy Vary, known all over the world for its thermal springs and their unique curative effects available in the locality for about a quarter million years.

The DERMACUR brand makes use of the strength of the Carlsbad springs, as one of the active agents of these professional dermal cosmetic products is mineral salt from these springs, whose curative and healing effects are centuries tested.

The objectives of DERMACUR products are simple. The company would like to offer to its clients professional dermal care meeting the most demanding expectations. This simple objective of the DERMACUR brand is supported by all production activities from long-term development process seeking the ideal composition of the cosmetics to professional diagnostics and specification of application means.

The origins of the history of DERMACUR brand date back to 1995.

The DERMACUR brand includes unique products of dermal cosmetics with typical high efficiency and quick and targeted action. Every user of professional dermal cosmetics branded DERMACUR will soon come to like them.