Karlovy Vary

The townKarlovy Vary is a world-famous spa town. As the legends have it, its history began in around 1370 when King and Emperor Charles IV discovered a hot spring in the local woods by a lucky chance. This accidental discovery marked the foundation of the today famous spa centre of Karlovy Vary. The curative strength of the hot springs naturally springing from the ground here was proved in the past, proved by many an expert and confirmed by hundreds of thousands of patients who have visited the spa for the purpose of cure by professional procedures using the strength and effects of the local hot springs. DERMACUR is the only brand transforming the strength and effects of these natural curative springs to professional skin care.

The most famous visitors to the town of Karlovy Vary in history included Russian Tsar Peter I the Great (in 1711 and 1712) and the poet Johann Wolfgang Goethe (in 1785 to 1823).

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GPS coordinates:
50° 13' 46.301174" N
12° 52' 14.435463" E